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Dora Lewis

My Life


My Life

Ronnie Milsap My Life
Artist: Ronnie Milsap
Label: RCA Records
Release Date: June 2006
1. "You Don't Know My Love" (Jim Collins, Craig Wiseman)
2. "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" (Jon Mabe, Patrick Matthews, Jim McCormick)
3. "My Life" (Catt Gravitt, Gerald O'Brien, Pam Rose)
4. "If It's Gonna Rain" (Dean Dillon, Scotty Emerick, Donny Kees)
5. "Time Keeps Slipping Away" (Marc Beeson, Don Rollins, D. Vincent Williams)
6. "Why Can't I" (Bob DiPiero, Karyn Rochelle)
7. "A Day in the Life of America" (Melinda Duncan, Jim Femino, Williams)
8. "Somewhere Dry" (Billy Lawson, Wally Wilson)
9. "Local Girls" (DiPiero, Rivers Rutherford)
10. "Every Fire" (Cathy Majeski, John Scott Sherrill)
11. "Accept My Love" (Glen Clark, Jeff Silbar)
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My Life was the twenty-fifth studio album for Ronnie and was produced by Keith Stegall. It was released in 2006, marking his return to RCA Nashville, after a departure in 1991 following Back to the Grindstone. Two singles were released from the album including “Local Girls” and “You Don’t Know My Love”, the latter did not chart but the former reached No. 54 on country charts, Milsap’s first activity on the chart since the release of “Time, Love and Money” from his 2000 compilation album 40 #1 Hits.