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Milsap Magic


Milsap Magic

Ronnie Milsap - Milsap Magic
Artist: Ronnie Milsap
Label: RCA Records
Release Date: January 1980
1. "Why Don't You Spend the Night" (Bob McDill)
2. "She Thinks I Still Care" (Dickey Lee)
3. "My Heart" (Don Pfrimmer, Charles Quillen)
4. "Silent Night (After the Fight)" (John Schweers)
5. "It's a Beautiful Thing" (Keith Thomas)
6. "Misery Loves Company" (Jerry Reed)
7. "I Let Myself Believe" (Barry Manilow, Bruce Sussman, Jack Feldman)
8. "If You Don't Want Me To" (Jimmie Lee Sloas, Robert White Johnson)
9. "What's One More Time" (Richard Leigh)
10. "Still in Love with You" (Keith Thomas)
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Milsap Magic is the eleventh studio album, produced by Ronnie and Rob Galbraith and released in 1980 by RCA Records. The two A-side singles from the album, “Why Don’t You Spend the Night” and “My Heart”, reached No. 1 on the Billboard country chart, and two B-sides, “Silent Night (After the Fight)” and “Misery Loves Company”, also received airplay as double-sided singles. The song “If You Don’t Want Me To”, which was later used as a B-side in 1987 and 1989, was then issued as the first single for Milsap’s 2011 Country Again album, in its original production (not a re-recording) but as a longer version with an extra chorus inserted before the instrumental fade.