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Country Again


Country Again

Ronnie Milsap Country Again
Artist: Ronnie Milsap
Label: Bigger Picture Music Group
Release Date: July 2011
1. A Better Word for Love (Alan G. Anderson, Gary Nicholson)
2. Country Again (Carson Chamberlin, Anthony Smith)
3. Cry Cry Darling (J.D. Miller, Jimmy Newman)
4. You're the Reason I'm Living (Bobby Darin)
5. Almost Mine (David Ball, Randy Goodrum)
6. Oh Linda (Burton Collins, Dillon Dixon, Stacy Widelitz)
7. Even Fools Get Lucky (Robert Ellis Orrall, Curtis Wright)
8. For a Minute There (Jerry Foster, Wilburn Rice)
9. Fireworks (Steve Dean, Don Gatlin, Mike Ulvila)
10. On My Own (Thomas Cain)
11. Trapped in an Old Country Song (Jack Clement, Don Robertson)
12. If You Don't Want Me To (The Freeze) (Robert White Johnson, Jimmie Lee Sloas)
About New Album

Following on the heels of a collection of gospel songs, and his first Country release since My Life, Country Again (his twenty-seventh studio album and his first for Bigger Picture Music Group) was thought to have lacked the sheen and snap of a major-label comeback, but part of the charm of this collection of songs is its ragged edges, such as the title track story of a redneck who turns his pickup into a time machine and travels into the future to discover they’re playing country music again.

Its narrative may not scan (ie; charted in the top 200), but its novelty is as appealing as the record’s casual diversity, how Milsap winds up touching upon many of his signature styles: a bit of country-soul, a lot of smooth crooning, some hard country to balance the soft rock flirtations, all punctuated by ‘50s rock & roll throwbacks. Milsap’s voice is certainly a little rougher than it used to be but he still knows how to slyly sell a song and he’s got a strong batch of material, all elements that make Country Again a solidly great album.