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Ronnie Milsap Inside
Artist: Ronnie Milsap
Label: RCA Records
Release Date: April 1982
1. Any Day Now" (Burt Bacharach, Bob Hilliard)
2. "Inside" (Mike Reid) 4:03
3. "Carolina Dreams" (Kye Fleming, Dennis Morgan)
4. "Wrong End of the Rainbow"
5. "I Love New Orleans Music"
6. "He Got You" (Ralph Murphy, Bobby Wood)
7. "Hate the Lies - Love the Liar"
8. "Who's Counting"
9. "You Took Her Off My Hands (Now Take Her Off My Mind)"
10. "It's Just A Room"
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Inside is the fourteenth studio album, produced by Ronnie and Tom Collins and released in 1982 by RCA Records. It contains the hits “Any Day Now”, “Inside”, and “He Got You”.